Dear Dave: Le Creuset Tea Kettle, $84.99


Dear Dave is a series in which I address poor reviews of pricey consumer goods in the advice column tradition of Dear Abby or Dear Sugar.  Aren’t most online reviews a cry for help, anyway?

Dear Dave,

I have been a fan of Le Creuset cookware for many years now. I have, unfortunately, noticed a steady decline in product quality over the past 3-4 years, mostly in the items that are no longer made in France.

This tea kettle feels poorly constructed, the spout feels as if it will break by the years end & is not easy to flip open/closed. The lid does not fit very well, steam escapes from the lid area with each use. My biggest concern however is the fact that boiling water surges out despite very careful & gentle pouring.
It is a shame, I was really looking forward to this tea kettle, as I received it as a wedding registry gift.

 Disappointed with this one

Burbank, Ca

Dear Disappointed,

I think we all know what it’s like to be disappointed when the “product” we fell in love with some years ago starts to let us down.  However, you’re not a kid anymore and must start to realize that people evolve as they age.  Things don’t fit like they used to and that heat just doesn’t have the outlets like when we were younger.  Be grateful that the passion still boils and doesn’t just simmer.  The aging body, while poorly constructed, barely contains this urgent physics-like need to escape.  It’s up to you to provide a willing outlet or that boiling fluid will find a new place to flow.  That “gift” you appreciated on your honeymoon in France may be gone but perhaps it can be located again, if you know where to look.  Perhaps you should be less gentle and careful and let that passion flow all over you, like it used to.  It’s flowing anyway, despite your caution!  Time to throw caution to the wind, Disappointed, lest your “product” finds a new cup of tea.



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