Dread in the head runs down metal suck tube

poisons my rib cage of rats


The sun rose behind Mount Tom today


Scowling men cold eyes in suits those suits make me

nervous those haircuts too fan boys of Jesus and soldiers


Chickadees dance in hedges, mourning doves coo


Conspiracy droplets broadcast float settle on surfaces

remain unsure how long infect susceptible minds


Maple branches redden, arteries of earth blood


mom dad grandpas aunts what world will be left

for our kids?


Walked a different way home (everyone is walking!)

Met a friend from ten years back

real sweet guy named Cliff

lives right around the block


We talked of Bodega Bay, where we both spent time


                                                                        from six feet away



The Teacher says


You’ll know when to step up

read the signs.


Doesn’t he know I need to keep hidden?


It’s a habit, invisibility,

a useful one

Except when the call comes


The Teacher says,

Walk through the fear.


I don’t have that skill.


But what if it’s what I’m born to do?

The next thing that

leads to the next, and so on.


Then he says,

Failure is inevitable


Are you beginning to get the picture?


One’s fate isn’t like building a deck

or buying a car.

Specific advice just won’t do.


Lau Tzu, the Tao te Ching guy,

He had the knack.

It is what it is, he might say today.


But it probably isn’t.






Scritch of crickets

outside my window


When did that all start?


I’ve been busy

scratching mosquito

bites into wounds,

picking the scabs


Look at the ceiling,

water stained from the

upstairs bath!


How to soothe this

itchy masochism?


The salve is beyond my

skull-walled house, in the

cricket static of a

September dawn.


I must go out there!