Dread in the head runs down metal suck tube

poisons my rib cage of rats


The sun rose behind Mount Tom today


Scowling men cold eyes in suits those suits make me

nervous those haircuts too fan boys of Jesus and soldiers


Chickadees dance in hedges, mourning doves coo


Conspiracy droplets broadcast float settle on surfaces

remain unsure how long infect susceptible minds


Maple branches redden, arteries of earth blood


mom dad grandpas aunts what world will be left

for our kids?


Walked a different way home (everyone is walking!)

Met a friend from ten years back

real sweet guy named Cliff

lives right around the block


We talked of Bodega Bay, where we both spent time


                                                                        from six feet away

Is it real?

Is it real?


my son asks

as the pandemic nears


of the bald eagle

perched on the apple tree


chewing the fat with our

garden Sasquatch


Are you real?


              Are you?


from the kitchen window

they’re both real enough—


Scavenger mascot of the land

of the free


          Simian nomad out by the



they whisper together

comparing notes


things may improve for them