SLAP! Presidential Endorsement, Finally


As the author of SLAP! and the leading advocate for aggro-parenting®, I’ve been asked repeatedly to endorse a presidential candidate. While reluctant to give a formal endorsement, I always direct queries to my book, especially chapter 8, “The Home: Not a Democracy.” Read an excerpt and see if you can figure out who I support for President.

The home is not a democracy. There is no equality in the home, nor should there be. There is one term that always tells me that things are completely out of control: “family meeting”. When I hear that, I know that SLAP! techniques are necessary. The only thing that gets worked out at family meetings is parental authority: it gets worked right out of the house! Giving a voice to all members of the family? Please. Did Stalin ask for input from farmers when he forced them to collectivize, capitulate and starve? No, of course not. You can’t get anything done when everyone voices an opinion. (See Chapter 9, “Papa Joe: The Archetypal Father). It’s okay to shout down ridiculous calls for “equality” or “justice”. “It’s not fair,” they’ll whine. “You’re abusing your power,” they’ll wail. Well, to borrow a phrase from the whiner’s lexicon, “No Duh!”

Children are stupid and you can easily play upon their fears to fortify your authority. Strangers (especially of a different race), bears, liberals, refugees- they can all be easily invoked to terrorize and manipulate small minds, especially when the child has never seen any of these monsters up close in real life. Their ignorance is your boon and you should always use it to get children to work against their own interests. For instance, Lily was just banished from the dinner table after she complained that she was being bullied by some mean girls, thrown up against a locker, grabbed by a boy, and couldn’t mom and dad call the guidance counselor, blah, blah, blah. Now she’s complaining about not eating. The rule is very simple: Complaining is not allowed at dinner! That’s the time to invoke the Syrians. They are coming. They are beaten down and starving. They eat the flesh of 6th graders. Lily has never seen a starving frightened Syrian refugee, so what the hell does she know? As Hitler said, “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.” (See Chapter 10, “Uncle Adolph: Looking Past the Holocaust”).

I know you’re thinking, “I knew it! Dr. Führland supports Donald Trump!”

Well, No Duh!

(Disclosure: This author is being vetted by the Trump campaign for the position of Secretary of Health and Human Services.)




Dear Readers,

The proponents of Aggro Parenting have long encouraged me to gather my writings into one coherent and accessible work.  The continuing decline of our society and erosion of our values have convinced me to speed up the process.  Everywhere we look we see discord, hatred, and strife.  Instead of raising funds from the usual sources or seeking a book advance from a publishing company with an agenda of its own, I have decided to self-publish and promote the book myself.  It appears necessary, urgent even, to begin releasing this material to the world before the book is completed.  Despite the dubious claims of the believers in global warming, the largest threat to our species lives right in our own homes.  Our own children are going to kill the planet long before the sea levels rise.  Pictured above is the cover of SLAP!, the future bible of the Aggro Parenting movement.  My sincere hope and prayer is that “Aggro Parenting” will soon be known simply as “Parenting”.

Here is an excerpt from the Prologue:

What happened to the respect of parents and authority? We all need to look in the mirror. As I have shown, we were all disciplined growing up. We were slapped into good behavior. However, a well-meaning but naïve cartel of therapists, scholars, and cultural watchdogs tell us that we were damaged and cannot repeat the same “mistakes” with our own children. They tell us that the “it was good enough for me” mentality is limiting and non-progressive. They tell us not to SLAP our kids and they shame us if we do. Sometimes they even put us in jail or take our children away.  Well, this scholar is here to tell you that we need to SLAP our kids more, not less. We need to SLAP them at home. We need to SLAP them in public. We need to SLAP them in the car. We especially need to SLAP them in the car.

And guess what?  Your children will thank you for it! Not some day, when they look back from a successful and lucrative adulthood. They will thank you in the moment, right after you SLAP them!

 This is possible only if you follow the SLAP program.


S- Sadism

L- enLivens

A- and

P- emPowers


Thank you for joining me on this journey back to sanity.  Together, we will SLAP the world back into shape!  Please watch for more excerpts as we approach the publication of this seminal work.

David Fuhrland, PhD