JJ in the 21st Century

The JJ stories, in the order they were published:

JJ Votes for President

Gray Thursday

“The Patriots are the Dick Cheney of Football”

Fiscal Cliff

December 14, 2012

JJ Goes to a Hockey Game

“Religion sucks…”

Game Day Decisions

The Yeti of New England

Super Bowl Outage

Fracking Sounds Sexual

The Sequester Begins

The War Inside

A Practical Farmer

No Farms, No Food

Last Summer: JJ and the Lottery

Last Summer: JJ and the Lottery Part 2

Last Summer: JJ Tells Lila

Last Summer: Can’t Buy Me Love

Last Summer: Back to Work

“It’s not that kind of farm.”

It’s a Marvelous Night for a Moondance

Moondance Part 2, A Walk to the Graveyard

Moondance Part 3, The Graveyard

The End of a Season

Thanksgiving Plans, JJ Style

Entering the Bermuda Triangle

Prepping the Bird, Giving Thanks

Headed for a Scotch Hibernation

Lump Sum Payment

It is Hereby Resolved…

Vs. the 21st Century Guy

I Will Not Be Caged

Lila Eats the Whole Pint

Left Behind, For the Best

Lila, Determined

They Descend to a Meeting

(1989) JJ and Lila Meet at College

(1989) JJ and Lila and the Shaky Promise of Spring

(1989): The Michelin Man Goes Flat

Under the Microscope, Squished on a Slide

JJ watches the World Cup

JJ Prays and Dreams

Side Door, Ajar

Dinosaur Tracks

Lila and JJ in the Fall with Apples

Lila and JJ in the Fall, Part 2: A Close Call

Lila and JJ in the Fall, Part 3: Together at Last?

The Holiday Shakedown

Honor Your Inner Stalin

White-tailed Deer

Finally, Again

A Polar Plunge: The Girl with the Curls

Under the Dirt Floor

The Walking Dead and the Mountain Dude

Wings Clipped?

Careful What You Wish For

That’s That

Unease in Maine

Change in the Weather

Swamp or Bog?

Arrangement in Grey and Black No. 1

It Can Go Either Way


Tweaked and Compressed

JJ’s Memoir- The DUI

JJ’s Memoir- Gasping in the Dark

JJ’s Memoir- The Trustafarian

JJ’s Memoir-Getting High in Mork’s House

The Non-Writing Yurt

Go West

Safe in the Woods

Panic Room

Detoxing in the Mountain AirSucker?

Care Taking and Taking Leave

Jumping the Guardrail


The Trail is Fresh

Radio Nowhere

The Next Right Thing

The Surprises Never Cease

Rent to Own

“I Love You.”

JJ in AA, Again

The Money’s Gone

“It’s All Political Now”

The End or “It’s Going to be All Right.”