About the Author

David Ferland earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from Colorado State University. Since then, he has baked bagels, driven the bookmobile and currently teaches orientation and mobility to people who are blind. Throughout, he has continued to write poetry and fiction. He lives in Easthampton, Massachusetts.


10 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Rusty! Just came upon this….I’m smiling and proud to know ya. Way to go for “it”. Getting someone to laugh, tear up and think because of the way you write…that’s a gift. Best of everything to you and Love of Life.

  2. I finally found time to sit still for a few and read your blog. Excellent work and keep it up! Oh, and thank you for going to the Rockies during that time so ‘The love of your life ‘ could become one of my dearest friends!

  3. Wow Dave, your writing is amazing and inspiring. The man I know seems quite and modest. I am thrilled to have found this and will continue to read.

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